Monday, November 2, 2009

ever wonder

What it feels like to have a watermelon lodged between your legs??? Yeah me either... didn't care to know... but now i do... so you will too!

See this is what happens when the baby "drops" they "drop" that cute enormous head into your pelvis. It's also known as baby being locked and loaded. Ha ha... yeah funny when you hear it but NOT when you're feeling it.

Imagine if you will that you are trying to walk with a cantaloupe between your legs and with each step, it's not only hard to take it because you're trying to keep that melon there but ALSO because this melon has a pulsating sensation that goes WHAM with each sept. It's like a balloon... deflated... and each step you take it quickly infants to the point where you feel your pelvis cracking and then deflates right before the next step. NOT FUN! Every time i turn or roll to the other side... my hips pop/crack whatever. Lovely.

So Kinsley is getting ready and getting me ready... we'll see~

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