Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wanna see K's room???

It's all done... now i just need to get the car seat in my car and get Chris to set up the monitors! Hospital bag and baby bag are in the car (just incase something happens at work) and all the clothes are washed and her stuff is set up around the house just waiting for my little princess to get here... now THE ROOM!

Here's her little night light... i'm going to put a picture of the dogs in it... they'll guard her!


Here's some close ups of the baby blanket i made her... started it the weekend after we found out i was pregnant.




and lastly a close up of the Christmas stocking i made her!


Hope you enjoyed her room! Chris and I do... we can't wait for her to get here to show it to her! I know her furry sisters love it!

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