Saturday, November 28, 2009

She is still in there!

So i had REAL hopes that she would come this week... but so far no luck. I know it's not over yet but MAN can't she come?!?!?

Since she hasn't come we've taken advantage and decorated the house for christmas, finished out Christmas shopping with some black friday door busters! AND i've wrapped all those gifts!

Last night for all of 15 mins it was looking promising! lol. I had this HORRIBLE and i mean HORRIBLE pain in my left side... felt like (but worse) i pulled a muscle or something and it was making me contract. So for like 15 mins i was dying trying to find out if i should wake Chris up... but then it started to slow down... i layed down and bam it was over. STILL didn't sleep though!

Sleep lately has been non-existant. I sleep for MAYBE an hour at a time... i'll wake up at 2 or 4 in the morning WIDE AWAKE and then i feel like a zombie the rest of the day until i practically FALL into bed to realize i'm still not going to be sleeping~ Joy!

So here's to keep our fingers crossed, the weekend isn't over yet!


Oh and PS for those of you wondering what the end feels like??? My coochy hurts... yes, not just every bone and muscle around it but like the front bottom area, it feels like she's trying to escape from there rather then the exit hole. It's terrible. Makes walking VERY hard.

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