Monday, November 30, 2009


So this morning i go to my doctors office. I get there and am told she's not there b/c of a family emergency. Well that's too bad, who will i be seeing? Well she's our only OB for the day. OKay so what are we going to do... this is where the incompitent staff looks at me like "what do you mean". What I MEAN is i'm 39 weeks pregnant and i want a status update bitches so figure this out!

So after my sonogram (which baby looks great in) i go to the other office, 20 mins away. See a doctor that tells me i have not changed AT ALL from last week. GREAT! BUT he thinks i need a non-stress test done since baby isn't moving as much anymore.

I'm sitting here thinking 1. DUH baby isn't moving as much, there's NO WHERE TO GO! and 2. She was GREAT in the sonogram, moved, etc. So WHY do i have to get this "test done" and he says standard, blah blah blah.

Basically they put two monitors on you, one for heart beat and movement and the other for contractions. Or something like that.

So OVER to labor and deliver i go (yes the place at the hospital). They take me into triage and hook me up and i sit... and sit... and sit. I see baby is moving, heart beat is great, and i'm contracting (even though they are 8 mins apart and i don't feel them all). So what does all this mean??? NOTHING... just that baby is healthy (YEA, but DUH already knew that!).

So there ends my morning. 4 hours of leave WASTED to still be pregnant! GREAT! THANKS!

So this weekend we've tried sex, walking, raspberry tea, rolling on an exercise ball, rolling hips like i'm washing the floor... basically i've tried EVERYTHING by castor oil... got any tips??? i can't take this much longer!

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