Monday, March 8, 2010

3 months and here are your pics!

So i'm not going to do a lot of talking in this post... other then to explain a photo... so thank you for waiting patiently and here is Kinsley!

Well Kinsley tried out her Exersauser last week! Went really well!

Now this next one is for my Missy who claims I make Kinsley too frilly and she needs to wear blue jean more... so she is... it's not my fault that her jeans have bows and flowers on them!

Kinsley is still loving her playmat, she even tolerates tummy time on it!

I don't know why but i just LOVED Kinsley in this outfit... she just looked to cute!

Here's my big girl at three months old! WOW time is really flying by!

Kinsley has turned into a little ham lately... i think all the attention at daycare is going to her head! Lately it's hard to get to NOT smile... seriously,if you help her stand and give her kisses she is full of laughs and smiles! Here's a few we managed to get!

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