Friday, March 19, 2010

Damn YOU Wubby!

First I'm sorry for my language now and in the future of this email... i'm a VERY tired, sleep deprived mother who is ready to kill the world.

Second, all you mothers who read my other post about how amazing my daughter sleeps and so you created voodoo dolls of me as your revenge b/c you were/are sleep deprived and hated me for my cheery mood... I.WILL.CUT.YOU! If you don't take those damn pins out now! I'M SORRY! I get it! Now let up already!

So where to start??? Should we start with the "I'm going to let her cry" and i did but then i caved... the fact that she woke up like 5 times last night... or at the VERY beginning where i chopped off part of her finger???

Lets start at the finger before you call child services on me...
I was cutting her nails (since she's taken to scratching and drawing blood out of her EARS!)and right as i was pressing down she moves her hand (like it was still before) WHAM i chop off part of her FINGER! It bled and bled and bled... she cried (not as long as you would think for having lost a small chunk of the tip of her finger)and i almost did but i was too dazed and tired (probably shouldn't cut nails when i'm tired) to. Stuck a band aid on it and moved on.

Fast forward through head bopping, bath, and dinner... It's time to sleep... we do our normal routine and lay her down (WITH the damn wubby) and she CRIES! WTH! She NEVER cries when we lay her down (might fuss if the passy falls out but no crying! Especially if she has the passy!)! Oh dear lord, someone please come and take this child, i KNOW this is going to be a BAD BAD night.

She goes to sleep FINALLY.... I go to sleep (she at 730, me at 8). 1030 rolls around and she's up... okay lets eat... she eats (a full meal) and off to sleep again.

1230 rolls around... i try to the pat her back and let her cry crap... yeah not helping... pick her up put her down... not helping... FINE TAKE THE DAMN PASSY!

200 comes wacking me in the face like a cold shower, forget everything i said i was going to do and just gave her the passy

400 Dammit do i even need to explain?


she's back asleep by 450, i get up to get ready for the day and have to get her "up" at 545 to get her dressed, etc. Drop her off at daycare where she starts smiling and cooing at the teacher... SERIOUSLY!?!!?

So right now i'm about to wrap her up in a FedEx box and ship her to Grandmas so i can get some sleep...

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