Friday, March 5, 2010

Mom haul and whip it out and squeeze!

So now that i'm back at work i look like a bag lady trying to get out of my house in the mornings! I actually have to make a trip to the car before i can even carry my child to the car! Here's what i have:

My purse, baby bag, lunch box (holds snacks and breakfast often), breast pump, and my "work bag" (with calendar, book for lunch, etc). I mean it's really out of control. So i told Chris ENOUGH! i'm getting a bigger bag to hold it ALL!

So i ordered this:

This bag will become my purse and work bag AND i can still fit my lunch box in there AND my pump on top... so i'll have to carry into work is this ONE bag! I mean i still have to bring out K's diaper bag from the house but that stays with her so~

Now onto breastfeeding:

This week in breastfeeding we're going to talk about my first FULL week at work and how that went. Well this ol' jersey cow did pretty darn good! I pumped three times a day (typically around 830, 1130, and 230) and each time i would get between 3-5oz! Now every day i would send Kinsley with 5 3oz bottles so you're thinking "Hmmmm Erin, you need 15oz a day pumped to feed that little parana, how did you do it??" Well first off even though i send her with 5 she really only ever eats 4 BUT the one day i don't send that 5th one SOMETHING will happen and she'll need it! SO i send 5 and the milk is still good the next day so that becomes her first bottle for the next day. Now I also always get at least 12oz at work! But i still pump in the mornings after i feed her too, where i get about 5+oz! So between all of those pumpings i get PLENTY for her and still have some left over to store!

So how do i do it you might ask? I whip it out and SQUEEZE!  Seriously! I break these bad boys out of their confinement (in the privacy of the lactation room) and pump them to work! When they are crying for mercy and claim they are empty i squeeze and massage to get every last drop out. Now before you go thinking "This is HOT, she's massaging her boobs" it's hardly a turn on... Chris actually worries i think that i'm hurting them (like they have feelings! these suckers are just that! It's their job!)! So massage it all out ladies, then keep at it a bit longer to tell them to make more and wha la! Just like that you can make milk too!

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