Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet Southerness

So this morning as i was "putting my face on" i started thinking about how "southern" it is. A TRUE southern lady doesn't leave the house without her face on! And since my aunt came and helped me load up on Merle Norman my face has never looked better! And i HATE to leave even ONE step out. BUT if i could only pick lets say 2 i would pick cover up and Mascara!

But i started thinking about what Kinsley will think. I don't want her to be so insecure that she feels like she HAS to have makeup on or she's ugly! She's so beautiful! But i don't really want to leave the house without make up (remember this was a desperate housewives episode!)! For her i will some, but also this is apart of my southern coulture that i want to instill in her... but is this the best part of the couture to instill?

What do you do when you have always felt that a true southern woman has her face and earrings on before she leaves the house?


  1. I'm not a southern girl but maybe I am at heart....I am NEVER seen without makeup or earrings. Absolute necessities. I wouldn't worry about Kinsley being insecure. When she's old enough to start wearing makeup, I'm sure that you'll teach her that less is more :)

  2. I always tell Mike that if he ever plans a surprise getaway that he can forget everything else, but the most important thing to grab is my make-up. I can buy shoes and clothes, but I can't necessarily buy my make up on the spot. Stick to your southern roots and always have your lips and eyes in reach!