Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You may bow down and worship me! and giveaway!

Because I am awesome! I am here to save all of you mothers who either didn't take home the nasal aspirator (aka booger grabber) from the hospital, you lost it, the dog ate it, etc!

After MUCH searching i have FINALLY found it!! The ones in the stores suck! OR rather they DON'T suck, they get NOTHING out! But i have found this amazing item on the web for all of you!

Go HERE and order!

Now for the REALLY exciting news! This will be my first GIVEAWAY! I know what you're thinking "gezz Erin you just HAD to pick a booger grabber as your first giveway" and YES i did! It's awesome, needed by EVERYONE and SOOO hard to find a good one!

SO This is how it will work... if you would like to "win" one of these amazing little suckers leave me a comment! You can enter once for just a comment, once if you tell me why you love my blog, and once if you tell me what you would like me to talk about or more of! So that's THREE entries (please leave separate comments)!!! Then i will go to and have them pick a winner! Drawing closes at noon on Friday March 12 and i will announce a winner shortly there after! Good Luck!!!


  1. So, I have followed your blog since your pregnancy. Never commented, just checked in every few days. I think I ran across it while doing an image search for whatever week I was pregnant ( I did this each week to "compare" my growing belly to the rest of the world). I would come back to your blog, and it always seemed like you were writing my exact thoughts! Thank you so much for making me feel less alone in this great adventure!
    Nichole Lyon | Create Your Badge

  2. I love giveaways! I would love to enter :)

  3. I have spent soo much money on the awful white ones from all of the drug stores that do NOTHING! The one we have from the hospital is amazing. I'm so glad you found them and thank you for sharing the link.

  4. After fighting with the bulb aspirator& my then 4 month old daughter, I went on a hunt to find something better. I stumbled onto this product and it works wonders. My fear with the bulb was that it went too far up into the nasal cavity, the CLEANOZ product comes with disposable nose tips that fit perfectly my baby's nostril. I can quickly suction her nose. Since my daughter is in daycare, she is either always congested or has a runny/stuffy nose; this aspirator gets the job done quickly and harmlessly. Cleanoz works best when you also use Cleanoz saline preservative free nasal spray/drops to loosen up the mucus. It sucks all that yucky stuff out.