Thursday, March 18, 2010

This 5 hour energy is safe for breastfeeding?

Yes??? No??? Because i NEED something... I.Am.SO.TIRED! Last night i told hubby that he HAD to step it up and help me more at night... yea well me waking up to wake him up to give him directions on what to do DEFEATS THE PURPOSE! I mean IF i'm waking him up to go and check on her (b/c she's fussing) most likely it's not to feed her! You know since i BREASTFEED! Just get up and shove the passy back in!
So last night i put her down at about 730 for bed... NICE and early (b/c i read kids sleep better if they get enough sleep to begin with). She lays down and goes right to sleep, no problems really. Fast forward to 9pm when i go in to "dream feed" her... this is her at 9

(any comments about the 1652 things that are "wrong" with this crib sleeping situation can all go to.... well you get the drift... keep them to yourselves unless you think they will help her sleep!)
Goes GREAT! She eats and goes right back to sleep!

Fast forward to midnight... she wants to eat!

Fast forward to 230ish... she needs a passy or something

Fast forward to 330 or maybe it was 3 or maybe it was 4... needs something again

Fast forward to 430, hungry AND has an incredibly stuffy nose! Feed her... turn on the light to suck her nose out... she had also had a mini bloody nose (apparently her room is too dry despite the fact we have a humidifier... guess we'll be turning it up to full blast!)!

UH! I'm tired! My kid is beyond pitiful and i don't know what to do! I don't want to smile because it makes the luggage, that is now taking up permanent residence under my eyes, larger! So i'm stuck between drinking a little rum (you know so it's "mixed" in her bottle) or the 5 hour energy (which she DOESN'T need)... which to choose? Why can't there be over night daycare!

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