Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh Dear Lord....

See this amazing little sweet firecracker?

Yeah her... i'm convinced she's teething. Teething at 15 weeks. That's 3 and 1/2 months! It's possible, i've read ALL about it! She has all the signs, up more at night (WAY more, you doubt me? look at the luggage under my eyes), she's gnawing on EVERYTHING... seriously... last night she grabbed my finger and it was like a demon possessed her as she grabbed it and acted like it was the last ear of corn on the planet! She has a cold (runny nose, etc), drools and so on and so on... Oh dear lord! I was hoping this was all something the baby whisperer could fix... but no... NOTHING will fix this... I'm so tired!
BUT i did find a few things that will help make this a little more bearable! Gifts for baby AND me!!
Well first is for her: The Sophie Teether

This thing gets the best raves ever! So i'm SOOO in!
Next up... mom bling!

And one of my favorite people uses it too!

Next up... are you ever holding your child and she get all Edward on your Bella arm? Great, buy this Oh Plah bracelet!

Worn like so:

So there you have it, my order... i hope they help! I know it won't help her sleep but MAYBE it will help those little teeth!

You have any tips for me??

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