Friday, March 12, 2010


So last night i attended my first ever totswap!It was awesome! I'm SOOO glad i was able to go early before the general public... if i would have had to wait I wouldn't have gotten ANYTHING! So ladies do whatever you need to do to go early! Bring stuff to sell, volunteer, be a first time mom! ANYTHING!

So I made my list and enlisted the help of one of my best friends and off we went! Just standing in the line to go in was TRILLING!

In we went, it was like a mad dash! First on my list? Jogging Stroller! Here's what i got!

It's Eddie Bauer! This easily retailed for around 150-200! What did I pay??? $60!!! YES!! So I lift it over my head and carry it to safety!

Next on the list??? A stationary Jumper!

SCORE! It sells for $90 in stores... what did I pay??? $40! SWEET!

Okay now i REALLY needed a new bath tub... not sure if i've shared my distain for my previous one but it just doesn't work well for us... never was great, that "head pillow??? please! so i got this!

LOVE IT!, well i think, haven't ACTUALLY used it so i'll let you know! It retails for $25+ and I paid $10!
Next on the list was getting Kinsley some toys... she's good at beginning to stand and so i wanted a play table. When i saw this i thought "sweet" b/c you can take the legs off and let her play with it on the floor until she wants to stand and play!

This leapfrog table retails for $45 and I paid $14! How awesome is all of that???

We also got Kinsley a few little outfits (for like $3 each) and some toys! IT was GREAT! Everyone should attend at least one and make sure it's a BIG one!

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