Friday, March 12, 2010

Swim baby!

So have you seen these videos ?? They break my heart because that little baby is just floating there waiting for the parents... BUT he's FLOATING! He's NOT drowning! It's amazing! Once I saw them i KNEW i had to get Kinsley in the water doing just that or else i was going to FREAK OUT and not sleep for fear that she would some how (despite the fact that she doesn't walk, crawl, or even roll) fall into a pool or pond (regardless that we don't own one and she can't get near one without us DRIVING her to one). I KNEW i would be loosing sleep over it! Call me irrational, you wouldn't be the first, but i want her to be comfortable in the water and learn survival swimming!

SO she IS!!! Starting tomorrow (saturday) she and I will go every Saturday and spend some Mommy/K time together and she'll learn to float and eventually swim! I'm sooo excited!


  1. So they have these classes for young babies then? The video said this training was for kids 12 months and older

  2. Awesome!! Jonathan started at 6 months