Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dress help!

Okay so I have 6, yes SIX! weddings to attend this year. And three of them will have all the same people attending as well. SO i needed dresses, and the practical side of me also wanted dresses that were work friendly and possibly church friendly so i could get more wear out of them. Now i ALSO had to get boob friendly ones... these milk jugs are just NOT cute in a strapless because they will push anything without straps down to my ankles, and well that is just not cute!
SO Here are the dresses that i've bought... now i need your opinions on jewelry and shoes!

I'm thinking about wearing this first one to my friend's wedding in the Bahama's. If i do i have black flip flops i'll most likely wear since we're going to be on the beach AND i'll be carrying around a little 4-month old (don't worry, there's bling on the flip flops to dress them up). But what about jewelry? What would you wear???

Now I LOVE this dress, it's so 1950s hotness! Now i was thinking black peep toe pumps and i found this little yellow half ball earrings and a yellow bangle bracelet. Do you agree or should i just let the belt be the only yellow?

This one is just nice and simple and pretty. I'll wear brown sandals i'm thinking... what kind of jewelry???

Now i just bought this little number and it's also a contender for the Bahama's... which one would you wear??? And what jewelry would you wear? And what shoes???? HELP!

So as you can see i have A LOT to think about so PLEASE help me decide!
thanks ladies, and as always, Spanx is your friend!

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