Sunday, March 28, 2010


Lets talk about boobies again, it's been a while... and in less then a week and a half I will have been exclusively breast feeding Kinsley for FOUR months! As many of you know it wasn't always the easiest journey! Between cracked nipples, over supply, need breast shields, etc. Luckily we never had issues with Kinsley latching on or nipple confusion (mommy always had nipples of gold!)!

So i thought an update would be good because last night Chris asked me (while i was hooked up like a jersy cow)if breastfeeding was harder or easier then i thought it would be. I told him it was all worth it. Meaning, I don't think I was expecting the level of pain a cracked nipple can cause BUT getting to know that I am solely responsible for those cute chunky thighs is simply bliss!

Is it frustating that I have to get up in the middle of the night, sometimes. Is it frustating when she's hungry adn i'm in public and she's flipping out and knocking the udder cover off? Yes, yes it i . BUT it's worth it to me!

I think my love for breastfeeding also has to do with the fact that I am not easily embarressed. Meaning, I don't flinch at whipping a boob out in front of women, Chris, my Dad, and brother (i know you're thinking gross skevy... but i warn them it's coming and to look away if they don't want to see boob, which they don't so they do). If i know someone is uncomfortable with it or if they are a male (other then the ones previously mentioned) OR if i'm in public I always wear my udder cover!

So I will cover two topics, state of the boobs and state of the supply.

State of boobs, well they have started to seem like deflated balloons. I've been told this is normal around this time, since my body is "regulating" itself finally. And my nipples are still the size of Kinsley's head (well the size it was when she was born). Oh and another really GREAT perk besides super hero sized nipples, you will have nipples that look like you could be that spy in Austin Powers that could shoot bullets out of them... oh yea i could do that! but at least they don't hurt anymore!

State of Supply WAS fanfreakintastic.... lately though, i'm worried! I use to have an over supply... i have a stach people would worship (promise photo to come), but lately i'm lucky if i can pump enough for Kinsley the next day (that's a morning, during the day x3, and before bed pump!)So i'm making sure I drink at least 100oz of water a day, eating oatmeal for breakfast, drinking Mothers Milk tea, AND i've ordered fenugrek (sp?) and i'm trying to add in another pumping session AND trying to have Kinsley on the boob as much as possible (since that's the best remedy for supply issues). We'll see....

Now just one fun tidbit for ya...

Chris and I are ALWAYS entertained by seeing how far i can squirt my boob milk... I think this should be an olympic sport! Curling is!

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