Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New mommy moments are the best!

So I'm pretty proud that i've made it until K was 3 months old before i had a real live new parent moment. You know, one of those moments that where after it happened you wanted to smack your forehead with embarressment! lol.

Kinsley had started daycare and by the end of the week she had a stuffy sounding nose and a little cough (that sounded fake but...) and she was pulling on her ear... so the worried new mommy in was scared she might be getting an ear infection! STUPID DAYCARE!

So i get off work early and take her to the doctor. The whole time we're waiting she's just laughing and smiling and playing with me. FINALLY 40mins later the doctor comes in and looks her over... nope, no ear infection... she just "found her ear!". She MIGHT have a little cold but nothing to worry about and infants don't get cold medicine so,yea~

Yeah i told the doctor she just wanted to get out of "school" early... lol

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