Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make Love to the Washer!

So our dryer died... very sad, especially since i had 2 weeks of laundry for 3 people to do! SO off to mother-in-laws house we go. Got it ALL done, only too ALL weekend... but how did i get rewarded??? Chris bought me new front loaders! I Can't WAIT to get this puppy downstairs and hooked up (the dryer is already there, but this things is VERY heavy so we need to wait for help)!

Kinsley is just as excited as i am!

If you're wondering "UM Erin you COULD have had these delivered, etc" no, no that wasn't an option b/c we bought the floor models for $250 less (EACH!) as a cash and carry deal! SO it's worth the added hassle when you save $500!

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