Friday, March 26, 2010

She's So Smart!

So we're trying to stretch out Kinsley's feedings to every 3 hours and so near the end of it you have to try REALLY hard to entertain her... well do you know what her favorite form of entertainment is? Singing the ABCs! Now i know what you're thinking "Erin she just likes getting sung to!"... well yes normally she does BUT even her teachers say nothing entertains her like the ABCs, they try twinkle twinkle little star... NOPE she wants the ABCs!

Another interesting fact from the "school" front... Kinsley i think has a boyfriend. There's a very cute almost two year old that is OBSESSED with giving Kinsley hugs when she's upset! It's SO cute! This morning when i was dropping her off his Mom was trying to get a goodbye hug but all he wanted to do was hug Kinsley! He can even say her name! It's priceless! We better get Chris over there to make his presence known!

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