Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She can Swim!!!

Well sort of... it's a start at least!

Kinsley attended her first swim lesson this past weekend and did GREAT! She only fussed a little bit at the beginning and that was it! She's such a star! Here's some pictures to recap:

She had so much fun, i can't wait to go back on Saturday! She was a little star and we were told that the teacher was impressed with her because normally kids scream through the entire first class! Not our K... instead the kid who was in our group and had been in the class for 8months (!!) screamed! Guess that's why he's still on the beginner level~ (oh i hope his parents don't read this!).

Mom (me!!) also got the approval of the teacher saying i caught on SOO quickly and followed directions well! (B/c you know it's all about the parents at this age!) WOOT!

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