Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kinsley is 3 months and i think i'm a bad mother!

I have pictures for you but i'll have to upload them later... promise they are coming... now on to why i'm a bad mother...

Kinsley has been going to daycare for 2 weeks now. And.... wait for it... i'm not a wreck! I mean please don't get me wrong, i miss my little girl worse then i would miss my right arm if it was gone but I'm okay right now. I feel like i spend better quality time with her then just quantity... does that make sense?

I know she's fine at her daycare and i love her teachers, so i know that helps a lot... plus i'm pumping faithfully for her each day, so we're still connected and i would quit my job on the spot if i thought Chris and i could afford it... but I'm still okay.

Does that make me a horrible person since i'm not sobbing every hour i'm away from her?

I have to say it's just so nice that i get to spend a few hours with her at night where she's smiling and laughing and then give her a bath which she LOVES! I love my little booger but we're doing okay with our separation.

Now that i've told you this, please don't call child services on me! I just cherish our time we do have together more so i try to make it better quality time!

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