Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weight Watchers

Now i wish i had taken pictures of these wonderful meals, but i've been so tired and hungry that by the time they are done, so am i and i just want to eat. But i have to tell you about them!
Lately i've taken to making weight watcher recipes for dinner. This is GREAT for me for MANY reasons
1. i KNOW how many points i'm eating
2. I can make a shopping list and not over spend at the g-store
3. They are pretty fast for the most part AND tasty!

Oh and did i mention that Chris LOVES them?? Yeah, espeically this fish chowered pot bacon pie thing. Oh he's sooo hooked, the words Weight Watchers don't freak him out, no no he, instead, practically jumps for joy!

So soon i'll start posting some of my favorite recipes, reviews, and hopefully one day photos!

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