Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Kinsley

Dear Kinsley,

Hey booger! I know Mommy hasn't written to you in a while, i've just been too busy bragging about you! Well you are three months old now and it takes my breath away by how much you've changed since you've come into my life! It seems like it was just yesterday that we were telling your grandparents they were going to meet you in 8 months! Now you're three months old!

I thought when you were born it couldn't get any better then that moment. Getting to hold you and cuddle you to sleep. You were always the happiest laying on my chest falling asleep. But then you started to smile and laugh and i felt like it couldn't get any better then that moment... until you started to want to stand and coo and sing with me! Every moment with you is so magical it makes my heart want to cry with joy.

Each day during the week i have to leave you to go to work and walking out that door nearly breaks my heart, but once i see you again i forget all my sadness and just get to enjoy that beautiful little dimple on your cheek! You're a magical baby, you bring so much joy not only to my life but many others! Thank you for blessing your daddy and i with your presence! We love you more than i can put into words and i can't wait to fall in love with your next "stage" in life!

Keep growing and smiling baby girl! Mommy loves you!

Love more then you'll ever know,


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